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  • Happy Gums Dental Hygiene

Canadian Dental Care Plan

Happy Gums Dental Hygiene Inc is accepting patients with the Canadian Dental Care Plan coverage.

Once you are enrolled, Sun Life will send you a welcome package, which will include:

  • information on the CDCP

  • your member card

  • your coverage start date

The first group of CDCP clients will be eligible to visit an oral health provider as early as May 2024.

The CDCP fees may not be the same as what providers charge. You may have to pay fees in addition to the potential co-payment

The CDCP will reimburse a percentage of the cost, based on established CDCP fees and your adjusted family net income. Before receiving oral health care, you should always ask your oral health provider about any costs that won’t be covered by the plan. Make sure you know what you’ll have to pay directly to your oral health provider ahead of receiving treatment.



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