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Dental Cleaning and Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

Book directly with an experienced dental hygienist

Receive gentle, attentive, and personalized treatments without switching dentists.

Hours: By Appointment Sunday thru Saturday

vancouver dentist hygienist teeth cleaning and whitening saturdays and sundays
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“She took the time to do more than any other clinic that I've been to and she was very thorough with her explanation and procedures."


East Vancouver Dental hygienist teeth cleaning whitening weekends happy gums
Free consultation
Dental Hygiene Exam
Oral cancer screening
X-rays and Intraoral photos
Scaling and Root Planning
Polish and Stain Removal
Fluoride Treatment
Oral Care Education
Desensitizing Treatment
Dentist Referral
Kelly Zhou East Vancouver Dental hygienist teeth cleaning whitening weekends
Modern Paperless Office
Digital Radiographs
Relaxing Environment

We reserve extra time for patients so we will never rush through your treatment!
East Vancouver Dental hygienist teeth cleaning whitening weekends promotions discounts cosmetic
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
Special offers for chairside and take home whitening kits.

Ask us for more details!

Meet The Owner

Kelly Zhou Dental Hygienist weekend evening appointments dentist dental office

Kelly Zhou

Kelly pursued dental hygiene after she received a Bachelor of Science degree from UBC. She became a registered dental hygienist in 2010 and has been working in clinical practice ever since. She loves chatting about food, travel, and children. She loves to eat but doesn't exercise. 

She grew up with the most gentle and lovely dentist who instilled great values in her. She has carried these values throughout her career, building personal connections with her patients, providing them a comfortable and relaxing experience. Kelly established Happy Gums Dental Hygiene Clinic, offering more affordable and high quality care to her patients. She is always available to answer your questions.

Contact us directly for more appointment time.

“She replies quickly and professionally to all my concerns, and even follow up to check in after sending me to meet another specialist."


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